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Real Estate Auctions Live Streaming - The future here and now.

Live Streaming Real Estate Auctions from Queensland, Australia to the World.

Live streaming your Real Estate Auction live to any where in the world has never been more easy or affordable with STREAM MACHINE. A Queensland based live streaming production company, founded on experience and professionalism.

Imagine being able to showcase your onsite auction, in real time, to local, interstate and international buyers. Broadcast live on the internet with clear sound and high quality images.

Well, it is possible now.

With the advent of Covid, many potential buyers have not been able to travel to Queensland. Especially those from Asia, USA and Europe. With STREAM MACHINE live streaming services, it is now possible to stream live from any location with a mobile phone signal. Stream Machine can broadcast onsite with up 4 cameras, and can also stream untethered, which means no cables, not tied to a computer, and the ability to stream from acreages and remote locations. As well as in house.

Genuinely interested registered bidders, can be invited to a private viewing platform, where they will be able to view the auction in real time. Allowing any potential buyer to not only see the property, but also become involved in the excitement and competition of the moment. Thus increasing the chance of a sale with a higher sale price.

STREAM MACHINE offer broadcast quality streaming services, using professional cameras and sound equipment.

STREAM MACHINE are able to live stream untethered. (no cables attached to computer) So they are free to move around any event on any location. STREAM MACHINE boast extremely experienced staff that are friendly, easy going, fun professionals who love their work. Inside or outside, day or night. STREAM MACHINE offer really good value and affordable live streaming packages from $395.00 for a 1 hour Live stream event to anywhere in Australia or the world. STREAM MACHINE stands for great vision and clear professional sound with top quality professional broadcast equipment. Don't let Covid spoil the party. If you have ever watched a video or live stream, with shakey vision, windy poor scratchy audio, let alone both, you know how unprofessional and hard to watch it can be. Dont let that ruin your big live stream event. Once it is over it is too late to go back and do it again!

We offer top quality professional video and live streaming / video production services, at affordable prices. No job too large or small, with the capacity to broadcast high quality 1080HD sound and video, to a national or international audience. We have more than 30 years experience, to handle any job, when it just has to be done right and on time, at a reasonable price.

Stream your event live to a private platform with your personal password so only the people invited can see the live stream. Contact us now for an obligation free quote.




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